• Sprechfunk

    Sprechfunk wird bei der Pilotenausbildung in Österreich in den folgenden drei Bereichen vermittelt und geprüft:

  • Traffic Pattern / Platzrunden

    Here’s an illustration that shows both the lefthand and righthand traffic pattern (aka traffic circuit) and the names for all parts in English and German. It’s called left traffic when all turns are made to the left (green) and right traffic when all turns are made to the right (blue).

  • ATPL

    Under EASA rules, FIs with a PPL (but no CPL) are limited to LAPL students (FCL.915.FI). To instruct PPL students, the FI is required to have “met the requirements for CPL theoretical knowledge”. With CPL theoretical knowledge being a (significant) subset of ATPL theoretical knowledge, I decided to take a full blown ATPL theory course.

  • PPL Theory


  • ForceCORS Workaround

    The latest Firefox no longer has an add-on bar which also caused the ForceCORS button to disappear. Github user lissyx was quick to fork it and rewrite the extension to fit the new Mozilla SDK but as we tried to submit the update to the Mozilla add-on site it got rejected due to security considerations. I’ll now try to find a way to bring it back to the official add-on site by making a few changes requested by Mozilla but until then, here’s a workaround:

  • Expanding My Horizon

    It’s been a while since I last blogged on my blog. One of the many things I’ve been up to recently is learning how to fly. As a member of a local aeroclub I can now take an airplane to the sky and literally expand my horizon!

  • Taking Notes

    Something I never did as a student was taking notes. I just didn’t think it was cool. But things change and I now take a lot of notes. Most of them I take at work during meetings, interviews, trainings etc but my notebook is also full of spontaneous ideas, scribbles, numbers, code snippets, stack traces, quotes and other things.

  • A Memory Leak brought to you by XmlSerializer

    We ran into an interesting memory leak the other day. When one of my colleagues analyzed the memory dump from production, he saw an unusual amount of types in *.GeneratedAssembly.* namespaces, one instance each:

  • Force CORS Firefox Extension

    I’ve created a very simple extension for Firefox that adds the Cross Origin Resource Sharing (CORS) Access-Control- HTTP headers to all responses before they’re processed by the browser. This essentially disables the browser’s same origin policy and allows cross domain calls even if the web server does not support CORS.

  • Cannot add graphics to virtual machine

    I use libvirt and kvm to run two virtual machines (a linux and a windows guest) on a debian host. Both guests run without a <graphics/> section in their config because I use ssh and rdp to admin these systems.

  • CORS and IIS

    Last time, I wrote about Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS). This time I’ll show how it can be implemented with Microsoft’s Internet Information Services (IIS), ASP.Net and jQuery.

  • Cross-Origin Resource Sharing

    If you ever tried to make a request to a different domain using Javascript inside a web browser, you’ve probably encountered what’s known as the same origin policy. This security feature basically blocks all calls that a script tries to make to an origin (protocol + host + port) that is different from its own.

  • Flash + Flex + REST = :-(

    We’ve built the world’s most beautiful web API and have done our best to comply with all constraints for representational state transfers. It’s been in production for quite some time and used by a few clients, including apps for both iPhones and Androids.

  • Why a WCF's WSDL works, but its inline XSDs don't

    You have some extra time and are looking for a WCF related puzzle that will waste some of it? Awesome. Here’s what you can do:

  • Implementing foreach-else for .Net (C#)

    I like the idea of having else-branches for loops as Python supports them for its for and while statements. It allows code like this:

  • soflair

    Soflair is a (very) simple widget for Android that shows a user’s flair (avatar, reputation & badges) on any of the stackexchange sites (stackoverflow, serverfault, superuser, etc.). The JSON feed is polled every 60 minutes.

  • CDATA in Custom Configuration Sections

    Creating a custom configuration section with ConfigurationSection as described in this MSDN article is less straightforward when you want to use more than just attributes (e.g. text or CDATA elements):

  • Using AIDL with Eclipse and ADT

    In my Android Package Size post, I described how to retrieve the size of an android package. It requires the use of AIDL, which is Android’s IDL for interprocess communication (IPC).

  • Upgrade to VS2010

    It’s been exactly 11² days since Microsoft released Visual Studio 2010. Of course the fearless developer downloaded and installed every CTP and Beta version in the very millisecond it was available, but some places (i.e. work) don’t really welcome these additional adventures and productivity fluctuations.

  • Android Package Size

    Unfortunately there is currently no public api to retrieve size information about application packages. However, building on a technique I wrote about in the past, we can use the PackageManager’s hidden getPackageSize method to retrieve an instance of PackageStats that includes cache, code and data size information.

  • Sending SMS via Android SDK & Mms.apk

    Sending SMS using the Android SDK is simple enough, right? Get a hold of an SmsManager instance and call sendTextMessage. That does indeed send a message but:

  • Reload vs. Refresh in Firefox (Cache-Control)

    Do you know the difference between load, refresh, and reload in your favorite browser? Shortcuts differ but there are roughly three different types of reloads available in most browsers, for example in Firefox:

  • Session State Lost in ASP.NET Web Farm

    The Story.

  • Working around IE Bugs

    As someone who currently works in a team that is located close to the front end of a large web application, I am at times exposed to issues related to Internet Explorer and its numerous bugs, including (but not limited to) parsing, stylesheets, Javascript or rendering.

  • 8 Queens in Forth

    I am sure you always wanted to know what a solution to the eight queens puzzle would look like in Forth.

  • APK Piracy: Using private code & resources in Android

    Did you know that the Android SDK makes it relatively easy to load code and resources from other apks into your own application? One way is to use a PathClassLoader and point it to an arbitrary APK:

  • Loading XML cross-sub-domain with Javascript

    Loading XML with Javascript from a different site is generally infeasible due to the same origin policy in browsers. Access-Control nicely enables cross domain calls but is not (yet) supported by all browsers in use today.

  • Logo

    The logo is based on my initials. Here’s an explanation:

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