Under EASA rules, FIs with a PPL (but no CPL) are limited to LAPL students (FCL.915.FI). To instruct PPL students, the FI is required to have “met the requirements for CPL theoretical knowledge”. With CPL theoretical knowledge being a (significant) subset of ATPL theoretical knowledge, I decided to take a full blown ATPL theory course.

Below are the cheatsheets I created for me to use as exam-prep. They don’t contain knowledge I already had so they are incomplete and probably contain errors. But I did pass all exams.

# name
010 Air Law
021 Airframe
022 Instrumentation
031 Mass & Balance
032 Performance
033 Flight Planning
040 Human Performance
050 Meteorology
061 General Navigation
062 Radio Navigation
070 Operational Procedures
081 Principles of Flight
091 VFR Communications
092 IFR Communications