Soflair is a (very) simple widget for Android that shows a user’s flair (avatar, reputation & badges) on any of the stackexchange sites (stackoverflow, serverfault, superuser, etc.). The JSON feed is polled every 60 minutes.


soflair screenshot

The left screenshot shows how you configure the widget and the right shows it in action on an Android home screen.


The code is available on github.


Please find ‘soflair’ in the Android Market or use this QR-Code:

soflair QR code

Supported Devices

I hope all Android, let me know if it doesn’t work for you.


— Version 2.8 —

  • moved to stackexchange api 2.2

— Version 2.7 —

  • more room for full reputation display (rep will be truncated at 10^4 instead of 10^3)
  • minor bugfix for invalid json responses

— Version 2.6 —

  • Stackoverflow changed their ‘recent’-url

— Version 2.5 —

  • click on widget takes you to recent activity page
  • Now displaying identicons for users without a gravatar

— Version 2.4 —

Now uses the Stackexchange API instead of the flair.json feed because the latter was turned off. You have to re-add your widget and configure a valid api-url (an example is provided).

— Version 2.3 —

Stackoverflow turned off the flair.json feed I was using. Unfortunately the widget responded with an ANR. Quickfix to make it stable.

— Version 2.2 —

  • click on widget takes you to profile page
  • configuration via full url -> all stackexchange sites supported

— Version 2.1 —

  • upgraded graphics for high resolutions (for my Nexus One :)

— Version 1.0 —

  • Created long before this post
  • At least now I have something to link to :)