Here’s an illustration that shows both the lefthand and righthand traffic pattern (aka traffic circuit) and the names for all parts in English and German. It’s called left traffic when all turns are made to the left (green) and right traffic when all turns are made to the right (blue).

traffic pattern

Note that left traffic is the standard traffic so when reporting positions in a left pattern the direction should be omitted (e.g. downwind instead of left downwind).

Here’s the runway layout of Vienna Airport (LOWW) with runways 11/29 and 16/34 and all traffic circuits. The letters correspond to the positions in the table below. You can use this to practice position reports.


# left traffic right traffic
A crosswind 34 right base 16
B downwind 11 right downwind 29
C crosswind 11 right base 29
D crosswind 29 right base 11
E downwind 29 right downwind 11
F downwind 34 right downwind 16
G base 29 right crosswind 11
H base 34 right crosswind 16
I crosswind 16 right base 34
J downwind 16 right downwind 34
K base 16 right crosswind 34
L base 11 right crosswind 29
# Linksplatzrunde Rechtsplatzrunde
A Querabflug 34 Rechter Queranflug 16
B Gegenanflug 11 Rechter Gegenanflug 29
C Querabflug 11 Rechter Queranflug 29
D Querabflug 29 Rechter Queranflug 11
E Gegenanflug 29 Rechter Gegenanflug 11
F Gegenanflug 34 Rechter Gegenanflug 16
G Queranflug 29 Rechter Querabflug 11
H Queranflug 34 Rechter Querabflug 16
I Querabflug 16 Rechter Queranflug 34
J Gegenanflug 16 Rechter Gegenanflug 34
K Queranflug 16 Rechter Querabflug 34
L Queranflug 11 Rechter Querabflug 29